About TT•ca and the Toronto Therapy Network for Psychotherapy Self-Referral

The Toronto Therapy Network has become the largest self-referral source, service and network for Toronto Ontario and the surrounding GTA ( Greater Toronto Area).

We hope you will visit the member therapist pages and think about the value of the many training experiences, personal life histories, work experience, specialities, interests and values of our therapist members.

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Why self-referral?

As the person entering therapy, you are the best person to assess and determine who is best able to help you with your specific issues. When the psychological 'fit' is good, therapy works best.

That's why we provide such a wide range of well-trained psychodynamic psychotherapists. They are able to provide the blend of therapy skills, life-skill and professionalism that will most help you with your personal issues.

Why free consultations?

Choosing to enter therapy is a potentially life-changing decision that should be without financial constraints as you seek information. We believe that a free consultation makes it easier to get a sense of which therapist is 'right' for you.

Why psychodynamic?

Our members work within the psychodynamic modality because it is so very effective. It's the original therapy method from which all others have derived in the past 100 years or so.

Many of us have speciality modalities within psychodynamics; see them here.

Where are we?

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Interested in joining us?

We welcome psychodynamic practitioners, especially those with specialties, languages and cultural backgrounds reflective of diversity.

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The psychotherapists appearing on this site are independent. They are not employed nor controlled by therapytoronto.ca. therapytoronto.ca is acting solely as a listing service for the convenience of those seeking the services of psychotherapists.