Leonard Rebick RP, Member CAPT

Leonard Rebick, Psychotherapist
The Beach and Queensway-Royal York
ext. 220

"The reality is that we are social creatures who need each other not merely for company and sustenance but for any meaning in our lives."
M. Scott Peck

Workshop Facilitator and Course Designer

for Bereaved Families of Ontario, as a Supervisor, Co-trainer, Co-facilitator Co-Designer and Participant for 10 week Adult Loss Group on 2006 and 2007

Co-facilitator of 2006-2007 of the Group Dynamics segment of the 2007/2008 training

Co-facilitator and course designer of four Group Building Days 2006

As a participant in training for a co-facilitation model of working with Grief in an Diverse Environment in 2005, over 100 hours training in group dynamics

for Bay 3000 Corporate Education

As Facilitator and course designer :

One Day Course 'Dealing with Difficult People' 2006
One Day Course 'Listening Skills' 2007
One Day Course titled Working with Diversity 2008

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