Lia Falzon RP, Dip ATPPP, Affiliate TPS&I, DTATI

Lia Falzon, Psychotherapist
ext. 225

Professional Development Record

Workshop Facilitator

2016 - present - Case consultant for the China American Psychoanalytic Alliance

2016 - present - Sheena's Place - Trauma and Eating Disorders

Wellington County Board of Education

2002-2004 - Emotional eating programs and introduction to Interactive Guided Imagery

Sistering Program, Catholic Family Services of Peel

2007 - Unfinished Business

2008 - Breaking the habits that bind you

2009 - Self care

2009 - Breaking the habits that bind you and clearing past emotional conflicts

Conferences attended

2015 - Training for TRE: Trauma/Tension Release Exercises/p>

2013 - Monthly study group: Techniques of infant/child/adolescent psychoanalytic Therapy in 21st Century

2012 - Harvard Medical School of Continuing Education, Boston - Eating Disorders

2012 - Trauma in the Mind's Eye: Mitigating and Eliminating Intrusive Thoughts, Flashbacks and Nightmares: Natalie Zlodre - Hincks-Dellcrest Institute/p>

2011 - "Trauma and Dreams in the Psychoanalytic Process"

2011 - "Playing at the edge", Jessica Benjamin, Ontario Psychiatric Association

2011 - Mentalization-Based Treatment Workshop, Mt Sinai Psychotherapy Institute

2009 - "Integrative Psychotherapy: Core Elements of Effective Intervention", Dr. A. Caspary

2009 - Harvard Medical School of Continuing Education – Treating the Addictions

2008 - "An Introduction to Lacanian Clinical Practice", Dr. Bruce Fink, OPA

2008 - "Experiencing a consultation and beginning of a trial analysis", Dr. Arnold Rothstein

2008 - Extension program at TPS&I: "Freud, Lacan, Attachment"

2008 - "Psychoanalysis and Poetry", Pinsky & Akhtar

2008 - "Trauma of geographical dislocation and racial hurt and healing", Drs. Akhtar & Leary

2008 - "Racism and empathy in consulting room", Dr. Holmes

2007-2008 - "Fundamentals of Psychoanalytic Theory", Toronto Psychoanalytic Institute

2007 - "Group Therapy principles", Dr. Molyn Leszcz

2006 - "Brain Functioning and Psychopathology", Dr. Goldberg

2006 - "Incorporating Attachment theory in self psychological and intersubjective clinical work", Dr. Shelley Doctors

Research Work and Presentations

Bellwood Annual Addiction Symposium: Working With Addiction: The Potential of Art Therapy

2014 - Expressive Arts Summit New York City: Master Class: Creative, Biopsychosocial, Spiritual Approaches to Addiction Recovery

2013 - Toronto Psychoanalytic Institute: Case presentation for Dr. Doris Brothers

2013 - Ryerson University - Professional Development Meeting: The potential of art therapy in the educational system

2012 - Ontario Federation of Community Mental Health and Addiction Programs: Art therapy for traumatized individuals in an outpatient substance abuse program

2008-09 - Trauma supervision group with Natalie Zlodre, Head of Trauma & Resiliency Program - Hincks-Dellcrest Institute

2011 - Expressive Arts Summit New York City: Master class: A Dual Modality System for Treating Addiction and Self-Destructive Behaviour

2011 - Annual Addictions Ontario Conference: Art Therapy for Traumatized Individuals in an Outpatient Substance Abuse Program

2010 - Expressive Arts Summit New York City: Group Art Therapy in a Residential Drug Rehabilitation Facility

2010 - Annual Addictions Ontario Conference: Art therapy for treatment resistant substance abuse patients in a residential/outpatient substance abuse program

2009 - Canadian Group Psychotherapy Association: Group Art Therapy in an Outpatient And Residential Drug Rehabilitation Facility

2008 – Emotional Eating presentation to the Homewood Health Centre, Guelph, Ontario

2007 - Art therapy facilitates a cohesive self with drug addicted males, TATI, Thesis

Professional Affiliations

Canadian Art Therapy Association

Canadian Association of Psychodynamic Therapy

Academy of Guided Imagery

Focusing Institute

American Psychoanalytic Association: Psychotherapist Associates

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