Policies and Standards

The main purpose of the pages in this section of the site is to give you valuable information so you can make an informed choice of a psychotherapist.
  • The Code of Ethics provides our pledge to our clients.
  • The Diversity Policy describes our position on diversity.
  • The Privacy Policy describes our committment to confidentiality in working with you.
  • The Professional Criteria page outlines what we regard as the key criteria for a competent therapist.
  • The Credentials page describes the meaning of the letters following the names of site members. Click for the list of members with each credential. RP or Registered Psychotherapist are new designations granted to all members of the newly created College of Registered Psychotherapists in Ontario.
  • The Professional Development page lists the recent continuing education and professional development that our members take in order to increase their skills to serve clients.
  • The College page reports on the new College of Registered Psychotherapists recently created in Ontario.
  • The psychotherapists appearing on this site are independent. They are not employed nor controlled by therapytoronto.ca. therapytoronto.ca is acting solely as a listing service for the convenience of those seeking the services of psychotherapists.