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As a service to visitors we offer individual Articles written by some of our members. The therapists are listed by last name.

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Parenting Well through Connection by Sandra Flear
How listening can help parents and children connect
What is Couples Therapy? by Kerry Gordon
Most of us have no trouble accepting that we are not born knowing how to play the piano. We understand, however, that with discipline, effort, practice and a sympathetic teacher we can learn. And yet for some reason we don't regularly apply this same understanding to the art of relationship.
Working with Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Clients in Therapy by Wendy Kirk
Issues in working with the deaf, the hard-of-hearing and the 'D'eaf from the perspective of a specialist therapist
The Story Within: A Drama Therapy Approach by Beth Robertson
Drama therapy, much like art therapy, is an action-oriented therapy, placing the client in the here and now.
Sitting with Grief and Difficult Feelings by Lisa Shouldice
The value of learning to deal with difficult feelings in psychotherapy.
The Burdened Child by Stephen van Beek
There are some who skip true childhood and arrive precociously in the world of the adult without experiencing much of the innocence that childhood ignorance guarantees.
Reflections on Therapy by Malcolm Welland
Much of my profile on the web site is guided by the writings of C.G. Jung, as few people have been more insightful on the nature of psychotherapy. What follows are some further reflections on psychotherapy within this framework.
Stages of Therapy by Malcolm Welland
This essay outlines the perspective of Carl G.Jung on the therapy journey.

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