Tara Dubrow LLB, RP, Dip.ATPPP, Affiliate TPS&I, Member CAPT, Member Lacan Toronto

Scientific Programs

October, 2015: Truly Taking a Biopsychosocial Stance in the 21st Century: Understanding the Impact of Race, Class Culture, Sexual Orientation and Biology and their Impact in the Therapeutic Setting

May 2015: Listening, Dreaming, Sharing: On the Use of the Analyst 's Inner Experience

January 2015: 65 years After World war II: A Family Secret

September 2014: Therapeutic Approach: Technique as Attitude Actualized

September 2014: Some Thoughts on How Analysts Evaluate and Understand Change in the Clinical Situation

April 2014: Reflections on Traumatic Processes

January, 2014: What Works for Whom and Why? Making the case for Psychoanalysis

Seminars and Extension Courses

January, February, 2016: Reading Lacan Course Five, Toronto Psychoanalytic Society and Institute

November, December, 2015: Lacan Unpacked: Uses of Lacan in the Clinic,Toronto Psychoanalytic Society and Institute

January, February, 2015: Reading Lacan,Toronto Psychoanalytic Society and Institute

October, November, December, 2014: Lacan Unpacked - Part B - Topics in Contemporary Lacanian Studies, Toronto Psychoanalytic Society and Institute

September 2014: Lacan Unpacked - Part A - Introduction to Lacan,Toronto Psychoanalytic Society and Institute


April, 2014: Annual Day in Psychoanalysis, Sexual Experience: Symbolic Representations and Symbolic Alterations of Reality

February 2014: Annual Day in Applied Psychoanalysis, Between Hours: The Storied Skin: Stories We Tell Ourselves

October, 2012: The Arts of Mindfulness & Counselling, Faces Conferences, Seattle, WA


September, 2014: Clinical Case Presentation, Toronto Psychoanalytic Society and Institute

June, 2014: Looking for Mental Illness Signs in the Workplace, Devry Smith Conference

July, 2012: Self-Awareness, The Unconscious, Conflict and Living Creatively, Goodmans Learning Module


2014: Bereavement and Loss, Theoretical Aspects and Clinical Implications and Effectiveness


2015 - Present: Competency Relevance Committee,Toronto Psychoanalytic Society and Institute

2015 - Present: Practice Building / Awareness of Psychoanalysis, Toronto Psychoanalytic Society and Institute

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