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Dufferin-St. Clair West

Johanna Beyers PhD, RP, CAST-ISST Certified Sandplay Therapist, ATC, Member CAPT

Selected Professional Training, Workshops, Lectures and Meetings

2012 An introduction to social research, H.L. Kilty, OPC

2012 Risky business: a Jungian view of our relationship to nature, S. Foster, C.G. Jung Foundation

2012 The nature archetype: examining our relationship to nature... S. Foster, C.G. Jung Foundation

2012 The divided brain I. McGilchrist, TVO/Gardiner

2012 Harnessing the boomers in the workforce, M. Adams & panel, Strategic Capability Network

2012 Social media and employee engagement, Panel, Strategic Capability Network

2012 Women in transition Panel, Tikkato

2012 The fragmented focus treadmill, Your Planning Partners

2012 Small business publicity & media relations, Your Planning Partners

2011 The enigma of employee engagement, Strategic Capability Network

2011 What do CEOs want from HR? CEO panel, Strategic Capability Network

2011 From Freud to Prozac, A. Scull, University of Toronto, Priestly Memorial Lectures

2011 Dreams, fairy tales and the modern world, T. Kelly, C.G. Jung Foundation

2011 DW Winnicott revises psychoanalysis, E. Young-Bruehl, Jackson Humanities Institute

2011 Individuation starts with a heartbreak, G. Paris, C.G. Jung Foundation

2011 From Freud to Prozac, A. Scull, Priestly Memorial Lectures, University of Toronto

2011 Brief Dynamic Therapy, March-April with other members of the Toronto Therapy Network

2011 A primer for psychologists on health law, Robert Solomon & OPA

2011 Striving Styles Personality System, Qualifying workshop

2010 Collaborative Family Law Practice, Level 1 & Level 2

2009 Trauma and attachment in psychotherapy, with David Wallin

2009 5th National Conference on Sandplay Therapy, CAST

2007 Coaching for Collaborative Work Groups and Teams

2005 The Organizational Shadow: An Integrative Approach to Organizational Assessment

2003 Solutions Focus, Mark McKergow Associates

2003 Interpersonal Mediation and Advanced Interpersonal Mediation, St. Stephen's


2013 Passing by Stone: Archetypal Dreams, Healing Path (forthcoming)

2012 "Sustainability as meaningful relatedness: lessons from Grandmother Bear," in Learning for sustainability in times of accelerating change, eds. A.E.J. Wals and P.B. Corcoran. Wageningen, NL: Wageningen Academic Publishers, pp. 255-267.

2007 "A Personal Koan," in Sandplay and the Psyche: Inner Landscapes and Outer Realities, eds. B. Weinberg and N. Baum. Toronto: Thera Art, pp. 75-102.


2012 "In search of the emperor: transformation of the imagination in a boy with multiple diagnoses, CAST, Sandplay Training 1.

2011 "Image of the entangled Self: suspended structure in Sandplay", ISST Congress, Ittingen, Switzerland

2011 "In search of the emperor: ego emergence in a child with multiple diagnoses", CAST 6th National Conference, Toronto

Workshops/Seminars are offered in these areas:

  • Working with dreams; working with conflict; the Relatedness Matrix™ & other tools for personal growth; team and leadership development; foundational sustainability; Money's Worth; Comet's Tail (for organizations)

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I am a member of CAST and the Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (CAPT).

My office is located at Dufferin and St.Clair West. There is easy TTC access on the westbound TTC streetcar line. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information for yourself or a child. You may reach me confidentially by email.

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