Sylvia Kraus MA, RP, RYT, Member CAPT

I am a Registered Psychotherapist and a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Are you seeking therapy to help you:

  • Reduce emotional suffering from anxiety, depression, excessive anger, or childhood trauma?
  • Cope with separation, divorce, or loss?
  • Improve or even save a relationship?
  • Get your life back from self-limiting thoughts and behaviors that are interfering with your creativity and self actualization?
  • Or perhaps you wish to explore the many layers of your "self" to better understand who you are, how you got here, and what it could take to begin to grow in a more directed, intentional manner?

If you are looking for someone to gently guide you along the therapy process, who is experienced with conventional approaches to psychotherapy but also able to skillfully integrate mindfulness and/or other effective healing modalities to expand your self awareness…then I may be the right therapist for you.

Many of us first come to therapy feeling that we are having trouble letting go. We are blocked creatively or emotionally, refreshing sleep is problematic, satisfying sexual loving seldom happens. Feelings of isolation or alienation might be encroaching upon us or otherwise an overwhelming sense of emptiness is perhaps beginning to prevail. We are looking for a way to feel more real and yet everything about us is seized up.

This scenario describes how I felt some years ago when I began my own journey into the realm of psychotherapy. I had not yet realized that in order to feel more real I had to willingly push myself further into the very places from which I most wanted to run or hide. The challenging journey without warning led me to discover aspects of myself of which I was totally unaware - both unexpected and exhilarating.

Moving toward the essence of what we are enables us be more genuine and creative: to act more spontaneously, to feel more intensely and above all to live life more meaningfully in the present. This is where therapy has brought me and this is where I aspire to guide my clients. I have listed under my photo the areas I mostly work with as addictions, brief dynamic, relationship, self-esteem, on-line/online therapy with Skype and VOIP, and trauma with a Jungian orientation.

Professional History

My career as a psychotherapist, spiritual director and yoga instructor began in Toronto just over a decade ago. Since that time I have worked at various mental health and religious institutions and also in private practice.

In these settings I have provided therapy to individuals of all ages experiencing difficulties in life, ranging from relational and sexual problems to mid-life crisis, anxiety, depression and addiction.

My practice to a great extent is informed by and oriented around Jungian concepts in psychology including the symbolic interpretation of dreams.

More recently I have also incorporated training in profession coaching which has proven to be very helpful for some clients to move gently beyond their barriers to change.

Finally, as a spiritual director and yoga instructor I have discovered the importance of meditation and reflective thought and the intrinsic connections between body, mind and soul.

If you feel that I can be of assistance to you, please feel free to email me for a free consultation. My office is centrally located at Queen E. and Broadview.

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