For those of you considering the benefits of psychotherapy, here are some references and links that can help you explore the wide range of therapeutic philosophies, positive action based on therapeutic principles, the effects of therapy on people, and the ways in which psychotherapy is connected to gender issues, self-knowledge and personal growth.

Events in the News:

  • http://www.performingtheworld.org Learn more about this fascinating weekend retreat on creativity and psychotherapy, now in its third year. Performing the World 3 recognizes, celebrates and interrogates the growing global performance movement, the thousands of innovative performance projects taking place in urban centers, towns and villages the world over, and the researchers, theoreticians and analyzers of what all this ensemble creativity, improvisatory play and "stage-making" might mean for human development and social change.


  • http://www.cavershambooksellers.com
    Caversham stocks a very wide range of books on topics broadly related to psychotherapy. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Located on Harbord Street, just west of Spadina Avenue, south of Bloor Street in downtown Toronto. Mail order available.


  • http://www.concernedcounseling.com/
    Self-help and links to other similar sites can be found at this Concerned Counselling site.
  • CBC Radio: Grief
    The CBC aired a very sensitive treatment on its Ideas show, entitled "Meditations on Grief
  • http://www.truemirror.com
    This is a very interesting site combining a technology we have all experienced from infancy, with a powerful twist on perception. When you are there, take five to check out the interesting 'hair part' theory also advanced here.  

Schools of Thought

  • Gender Studies

    • http://vos.ucsb.edu/browse.asp?id=2711
      Voice of the Shuttle is the major site for the views of women theorists. A vast array of links from this site make it easy to delve into all areas of gender theory. A 'must- see' site, and a wonderful place for genral academic research.
    • http://www.usask.ca/wgst/index.html
      The Department of Womens’ and Gender Studies at the University of Saskatchewan hosts useful links on these topics.
    • http://mensstudies.org
      "The American Men's Studies Association is a not for profit professional organization of scholars, therapists, and others interested in the exploration of masculinity in modern society.
    • http://web.indstate.edu/spsmm/
      "The Society consists of men and women dedicated to promoting the critical study of how gender shapes and constricts men's lives and committed to the enhancement of men's capacity to experience their full human potential".
    • http://www.rolstad.no/iasom/
      "The International Association for Studies of Men is an independent researchers’ initiative aimed at developing men’s studies on the global level. IASOM has support is a global network for studies of men. IASOM supports studies of men in gender-egalitarian, pro-feminist or critical as well as male-positive perspective, and the widest possible diversity and nuancing of research based on this common orientation."
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