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Study looks at how well we perceive other people’s stress levels in the workplace
21 November 2017 | 2:29 pm

Study suggests brain activity buffers against worsening anxiety
21 November 2017 | 12:27 pm

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The word 'feeling' is one of the most difficult words within psychotherapy because it has so many meanings....
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Featured Therapist: Karen Zarnett, MSW, RSW, RelPsych(Dip), Member OCSW, OASW

Welcome and thank you for visiting my site at the Toronto Therapy Network. You may be searching for a therapist for the very first time or perhaps you are returning to therapy after some time away, either way you have made a courageous step. I congratulate you for wanting to enter into this journey despite how difficult it may seem. It may be uncomfortable or even scary and I can assure you any apprehensions you may be feeling are norma... [ Click here to read more ]

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by Beth Robertson

The Story Within: A Drama Therapy Approach

Drama therapy, much like art therapy, is an action-oriented therapy, placing the client in the here and now. It is suitable for clients who are resistant to therapy, as appropriate distance can be maintained through the use of projective tools such as puppets, masks, costume, figurines, and so forth (Emunah, 1994; Jones, 1998). Tom (2002) emphasizes drama therapy&rsq...
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