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Home to more than 30 independent registered practitioners in private practice providing psychotherapy, we are the most visited professional self-referralsource for psychotherapy in Toronto and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) by psychodynamically-oriented therapists providing many forms of psychotherapy.

All members of the site are authorized by the regulatory Colleges in Ontario to provide psychotherapy.

They are selected on the basis of their skills, experience and attitude.

They have met, and maintain, specific professional criteria to meet the requirements of The Toronto Therapy Network.

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Featured Therapist: Wendy Kirk, MDiv, RP, MAG, CIT, Clinical Member OSP

'These days we are apt to seek out a therapist to […] help us get the dragon back into its cave. Therapists of many schools will oblige in this, and we will thus be returned to what Freud called "ordinary unhappiness" and, temporarily, heave a sigh of relief, our repressions working smoothly once again. Zen, by contrast, offers dragon-riding lessons, for the few who are sufficiently intrepid.'
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Study suggests children can quickly learn routes
22 January 2018 | 2:23 pm

Study suggests hyperreactive brain networks could play a part in chronic pain
22 January 2018 | 7:21 am

Featured Glossary Term:

A theory of the internal psychic process theradrama was developed at Therafields, a psychotherapeutic community that flourished in Toronto circa 1970-...
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by Susan Leopold

A Nested Story

One day walking along the beach, I came across a tiny bird's nest. Wispy and somewhat fragile, the nest appeared to have been placed with great care and respect on a bench. It was as if someone had meant for the nest to be seen ? perhaps even seen by me. As icy raindrops began falling, I left the little nest behind and continued briskly onwards along the path. When I circled back towards home I noticed the little nest...
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