Nancy Dranitsaris BA, RP, RIHR, Member OACCPP

Imagine...If you truly understood that:

  • Your behaviour was learned long before you were ever conscious of the world around you
  • Your behaviour is simply a matter of programming that you are not aware of
  • Your behaviour is motivated by naturally existing emotional drivers and needs that must be met
  • You have the ability to change your behaviour and get your needs met simply by doing new things and thinking in new ways...

What you could accomplish with your life?

Hello and welcome! My name is Nancy Dranitsaris, and I am a Registered Psychotherapist within the the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.

Psychotherapy is a courageous journey by which we explore and understand the things we struggle with in our lives, and we work to move past them in order to make new opportunities for living the life we desire. Insight alone is not enough to overcome the barriers to our happiness and success; we must have new experiences and we must embrace new behaviours.

My psychotherapeutic approach is to help people like you to identify the behavioural patterns and belief systems that are creating difficulty in their lives. We will work to create an understanding of what is being expressed through unhelpful or limiting behaviours, and to develop practical approaches/action plans to eliminate these behaviours, and to adapt new, growth-oriented habits to replace them.

Psychotherapy is best approached with an open mind and heart, as this provides us with the opportunity to examine the underlying emotional or psychological needs being expressed through our actions and attitudes. It also enables us to determine whether our behaviour is meeting our needs in a way that allows us to grow, or is merely enabling us to "get by."

What often gets in the way are our ideas and beliefs about who we are, or what we have experienced, and the emotional/psychological defenses we build to protect ourselves over the course of our lives. So, we must first work past these barriers. In order to do so, my approach focuses on reducing the judgment of "right" or "wrong" in how we relate to ourselves and to others, and on developing an attitude of curiosity, understanding, compassion and acceptance instead.

Psychotherapy is not a passive process, or something that is "done to" someone; it is an interactive, participative process that can be challenging at times. This is because it requires a person to look inwardly at themselves-their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, etc.-and, for many, it may be the first time doing so. Psychotherapy requires courage and commitment to growth, particularly when facing the natural resistance all clients experience, which is simply part of the process.

The psychotherapeutic process is also one that provides an opportunity for you to tell your story as you see it, in a safe, non-judgmental environment. It is my role as therapist to use my knowledge, skills and experience to draw out what is there, and to be your guide along the journey.

My approach is also psycho-educational- meaning that you will learn about yourself, your motivations, your behavior, your brain, and you will discover new habits of mind to adopt.

There is a further learning component-homework! This means that you will complete small exercises in order to enhance and apply your learning. There is a very good reason for this-we now understand that it is not enough to "know" that something must change. In order to make the changes we truly want to make, we must identify new behaviours that create the circumstances we want, and then practice them, over and over again, until they become new habits! In other words, we must "do" differently, in order to feel, think and "be" differently.

I have listed under my photo the areas I mostly work with: anxiety, depression, mindfulness-based CBT, and life transitions. I also work extensively with relationship issues, grief and loss, self-esteem and trauma.


I have been in private practice since 2003 and my College of Registered Psychotherapists member Registered Psychotherapist number is 5110.

I am also Registered in Human Relations (RIHR) with the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners, and am a member of the Ontario Association of Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists (OACCPP).

I have a Specialized Honours BA in Psychology from York University, and completed by professional training at the Transformational Arts College, both in Toronto. Since starting my practice, my continuing professional development and studies has included Mindfulness and MBSR, Personality/Psychological Type (Striving Styles ® and MBTI ®, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Trauma Studies and EMT, and Neuropsychology/Brain-based Therapeutic methods.

Most recently, I have received practitioner certification in UBC's SMART Program, a program developed specifically to teach education professionals mindfulness and stress management techniques.


Feel free to contact me for a free consultation to determine our suitability in working together.

I work from two locations. My main office is located within walking distance of Danforth Ave, close to both the Broadview and Chester subway stations.

In The Beach, my second office is well served by several TTC lines.

I also provide phone therapy and online therapy (via Skype or VOIP).

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